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Interactive, intensive workshop with global Kaizen authority on the phenomenon of new leadership in digital organizations

Be the first in Poland to go through 15 leadership processes eliminating the mistakes of the classical school of management

A maximum of practical tools to turn the art of leadership (Impractical, Difficult to Measure) into leadership science (Practical, Specific, Actionable, Measurable)

Prestigious certificate of participation confirming participation in the Elite Leadership Culture Arrangement Programme

Free participation in the Production Manager Meeting on Healthy Transformation Gene

Subscription to "Production Manager" in electronic version with access to all archival issues and Audiobooks.


Professor M.L. “Bob” Emiliani is an engineer, researcher, author, historian of progressive management, educational reformer, and executive trainer. He is a long-time TPS/Lean practitioner and was the first to focus on Lean leadership as an area of scholarly study. Prior joining academia, Dr. Emiliani worked in industry for 15 years and had management responsibility in engineering (R&D, new product development) and operations (manufacturing and supply chain). He also had responsibility for implementing TPS in manufacturing and supply networks at Pratt & Whitney, and in teaching and administrative processes in higher education.

Dr. Emiliani is a versatile author whose work spans engineering, social sciences, and humanities. He has authored or co-authored 47 peer-reviewed papers in six separate disciplines (leadership, management, management history, supply chain management, higher education, and materials engineering) and is the author or co-author of 19 books. Dr. Emiliani earned a Ph.D. in Engineering from Brown University, an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miami.

M.L. „Bob” Emiliani is a professor at Connecticut State University in New Britain, Conn., where he teaches various courses on Lean management. Prior to that Bob worked in the consumer products and aerospace industries for nearly two decades. He held management positions in engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management, and had responsibility for implementing Lean in manufacturing operations and supply chains. He has authored or coauthored over a dozen papers related to Lean leadership including: „Lean Behaviors” (1998), „Linking Leaders’ Beliefs to their Behaviors and Competencies” (2003), „Using Value Stream Maps to Improve Leadership” (2004), „Origins of Lean Management in America: The Role of Connecticut Businesses” (2006), and „Standardized Work for Executive Leadership” (2008). Five of his papers have won awards for excellence. Bob is also the author of Better Thinking, Better Results: Case Study and Analysis of an Enterprise-Wide Lean Transformation (second edition) published in 2007; Practical Lean Leadership: A Strategic Leadership Guide for Executives published in 2008; REAL LEAN: Understanding the Lean Management System (Volume One) published in 2007; REAL LEAN: Critical Issues and Opportunities in Lean Management (Volume Two) published in 2007; REAL LEAN: The Keys to Sustaining Lean Management (Volume Three) published in 2008; REAL LEAN: Learning the Craft of Lean Management (Volume Four) published in 2008; REAL LEAN: Strategies for Lean Management Success (Volume Five) published in 2010; REAL LEAN: Unsolved Problems in Lean Management (Volume Six) published in 2010; and Moving Forward Faster published in 2011. Bob earned engineering degrees from the University of Miami, University of Rhode Island, and Brown University.


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Defining leadership for the digital age


Introduction to 15 leadership processes


  • Errors made by leaders in each leadership process
  • Strategic impact of leadership process errors on business

Practical problem-solving to eliminate leadership process errors